STAR Poem by Memona Sikandar

STAR Poem bt Memona Sikandar

STAR Poem by Memona Sikandar


I born in the mud, but there I am,

Diversified voices dance inside me.

When star shines and gets the twinkled affection and attraction that dances brainlessly.

We gleam as unreal symmetry shines

My heart speaks a different language

Diversified thoughts which is based on conscious and subconscious notions.

Our psyche dances subconsciously and

I always talk towards stars

Stars speak and their voiceless sound gets the message.

Stars visualize us and stars know about our deeds and they survive as we.

When we have faced the breakable condition similarly, stars face and falling stars and falling people have new power and unobstrusive attraction.

Stars shine as we shine

Stars meditate as we

Night absorbs the forlorn moments

And on next day, this absorption flowers the new floweret.

As person switches timely, brainlessly, subconsciously and similarly stars replace and their changeability gets the new attraction in the night.

Falling people shines but nobody recognizes and falling star always gleams and no question and oration towards it.

Why? Just because of their prior shine but timely conscious and subconscious things get transmogrified.

Displacement can be seen moment to moment

Voiceless attraction gets transmogrified into the new voice and new voice, melodic words get changed into the voiceless and whispering.

Words question, stars speak

Stars listen, stars answer

But people laugh towards the new oration

Which is spoken by the stranger.

Stars listen inarticulate words

Speechless conversation and unspoken discourse

Stars have own life and smile

Stars have peaceful symmetry and honest affection

Stars get the own affection as we feel in the heaven

Countless stars listen us but people laugh

Stars shine in dark and we find the words in the dark.

Stars sooth us and stars engulf the new stars

Stars know each and everything in the dark and knows the articulation.

Star has huge height as mountain has.

Crying towards stars its considered instinctively

If nobody you have leave it

Talking with stars its quite soothed

Stars have soothful attraction and

Honeyed symmetry that gets us the new soothing symmetry.


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